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In Memoriam - Alan G. White
1945 - 2021
November 5, 2021

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our beloved partner, Alan White. Alan joined our firm on April 1, 2000, and served with distinction until his retirement on March 31, 2021: exactly 21 years to the day. Alan was a partner in the truest sense of the word: one who shared our values, one who worked diligently to protect our clients' interests and one who truly loved the law. He was at all times a gentleman and he was at all times exuberant in his pride for his family. He was also a friend.

As an attorney, he was a zealous advocate who was unafraid of his adversaries and never dodged a legal issue . However, even in his zeal, he achieved - and maintained - the highest level of civility, both in and out of the courtroom. As a consequence, he was both respected and gave respect to his colleagues before the Bar. Alan was a bona fide trial attorney. Never shy in the courtroom, he brought both dignity and humility to the judicial process. In so doing, he was most often rewarded with a favorable verdict by the jurors.

In our often stressful profession, he was well served by his ever-present sense of humor. Never at a loss for a story, he could defuse the most tense situations with a story or two or three. His sense of humor not only sustained himself, but it enhanced the professional lives of his colleagues and opponents, alike. He served as a mentor for young lawyers, both in the public sector and later in the private sector. He was always available as a sounding board for his "older" colleagues. Most importantly, he was always available to all for a discussion regarding trial strategy or evidentiary issues.

One of Alan's major clients fondly referred to him as a Knight of the Round Table, who would charge in on his giant steed and save the day! True story! Indeed, Alan did save the day on many occasions, with many a defense verdict for his clients. He will long be remembered as a formidable trial lawyer, a gentleman, a family man and a friend. May he rest in peace.

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