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Scott Goldstein Obtains Fast Defense Verdict in Slip and Fall Case
June 15, 2014

Kiernan Trebach attorney Scott Goldstein received a defense verdict in twelve minutes following three years of litigation in a jury trial in the Monmouth County Superior Court of New Jersey.  Plaintiff fell while reaching to flush a toilet in the restroom of a large retailer client, and alleged her fall was due to a talc-like substance on the floor.   An independent witness who came upon the plaintiff after the fall believed the floor may have been wet, presenting multiple theories of alleged negligence against Kiernan Trebach's client.  The plaintiff suffered a lumbar compression fracture and severe wrist fracture requiring surgical implantation of a plate and screws, incurring approximately $45,000 in medical bills that were placed before the jury.      After a six figure award in a non-binding arbitration, and a six figure demand at the three day trial, Mr. Goldstein convinced the jury that our client was not negligent, and was awarded a defense verdict of no cause of  action. 

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