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Medical Malpractice

Kiernan Trebach has extensive experience defending hospitals, individual physicians, physician groups, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical technicians, product manufacturers and other healthcare providers faced with allegations of professional malpractice, medical device and products liability claims and other related claims.

Our lawyers have amassed significant experience defending health care providers in a multitude of medical practice areas, including obstetrics and gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, emergency medicine, neurology, internal medicine, orthopedic medicine, radiology, cardiology, intensive care, interventional radiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pathology, general surgery, psychiatry, psychology, anesthesiology, post-surgical care,  hospitalist care, general medical monitoring, and more. 

Our commitment to understanding technology provides our clients with distinct advantages in the litigation of alleged medical negligence and medical device cases. Since a majority of the alleged medical malpractice and medical device cases involve complex medical procedures and equipment, the key to success is often the ability to present and explain highly technical material to jurors who have no medical or technical background. This ability can often mean the difference between winning and losing these cases.

We provide our clients with the advantage of both an in-house graphics department, as well as attorneys with direct experience conducting mock jury panels with significant cost savings and excellent results.  Our lawyers offer additional services to clients including in-house educational programs, claims investigation, and risk-management guidance. 


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