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Railroad / Federal Employers' Liability Act

The defense of cases brought under the Federal Employers' Liability Act requires an intimate knowledge of rail operations and practices, and the unique ability to combine an aggressive defense of the litigation with a knowledgable preservation of the employer’s position vis a vis its ongoing employees and unions. 

Since the late 1980’s, the Firm's attorneys have been involved in the successful defense of a wide variety of FELA cases, including those involving ergonomic and "worn body syndrome" issues, and have continued to be at the forefront of defending cases involving allegations of injury from repetitive (but not injurious) movement.  Kiernan Trebach has extensive experience in the defense of FELA claims for rail carriers, and its attorneys have tried numerous FELA cases in state and federal courts.

General Rail Liability

In addition to employee claims, the Firm’s railroad attorneys have defended numerous passenger/personal injury actions, arising from on-board and terminal operations.  Our experience includes wrongful death cases and crossing litigation, as well as security and assault cases arising from rail police operations.

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