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Residential Care Providers and Facilities

Our Firm specializes in the defense of care providers and the facilities in which the person receiving the care is regarded as a "resident" rather than a "patient".  Kiernan Trebach has defended assisted living facilities, nursing homes, long term care facilities, subacute care facilities, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), group homes, group homes for special needs individuals (such as the mentally handicapped), non-skilled care providers and others.

Representing such providers requires a special set of skills and knowledge that have been mastered by the attorneys of the Firm.  These special skills include understanding the nature of the services provided (e.g., the level of care) as well as the complex regulatory framework within which they operate.  Counsel also cannot overlook the impact of the increasingly challenging market place in which these facilities do business.  Our attorneys understand the types of care provided by its clients and the markets in which they conduct business.  That understanding enables us to provide cost-effective and successful litigation strategies for our clients.

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