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Trial and Appellate Practice

Kiernan Trebach is dedicated to an “all litigation” practice, and its partners pride themselves upon being able to provide a complete range of specialties in every aspect of the litigation or arbitration of lawsuits and administrative claims. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Firm’s breadth of dedicated and experienced trial attorneys.

While not every case should be tried, there is no more certain way to assure each case’s appropriate disposition than its presentation by capable and trial-experienced counsel. Our philosophy is founded on the proposition that a “litigator” must be capable and prepared to take each of his or her cases to trial. We credit the dozens of cases tried by our lawyers over each year as playing a primary and important role in the hundreds of successful pretrial dispositions that occur during the same period.

The Firm devotes thousands of dollars and lawyer-hours to the training of its associates as trial lawyers. Under the tutelage of the Firm’s senior trial counsel, associate attorneys are provided the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that are the tools of an accomplished trial lawyer.

Mock Jury Panels

The lawyers of Kiernan Trebach are experienced in the organization and presentation of mock jury panels with a statistically representative sample from the actual jury pool where the case will be tried.  This confidential in-house service allows our clients to more fully evaluate the risks associated with trying a particular case, the likely range of adverse verdicts and the effectiveness of proposed trial arguments as the potential jury pool sees them.  We have created our own juror questionnaire, use our own video capabilities and provide a variety of experts to participate in the mock trial process.

Our ability to perform this service in-house allows our clients to obtain the best possible insight for successfully defending their cases at a fraction of the cost and lead time required if an outside company were retained.  Providing this service to our clients directly is therefore highly cost effective.

Appellate Practice

Since obtaining a favorable jury verdict is often just half the battle, Kiernan Trebach also offers experienced appellate attorneys.  Backed by the latest in computerized support and a dedicated research staff, our appellate attorneys make sure that the effort to protect a favorable verdict is just as effective as our trial court services.  Our attorneys have briefed and argued precedent-setting appeals in courts throughout the nation.

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