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Professional Liability

Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and brokers, health care providers and other white collar professionals all face unique challenges.  They are judged by their profession's standards of care and when those are held in doubt, they can undergo legal difficulties such as administrative disciplinary hearings, sanctions such as loss of license, fines, suspension of their right to do business as well as lawsuits for breach of their standards of care. 

Our lawyers are adept at learning the nuances of a profession and defending individuals against these challenges.  We have experience defending  a wide variety of professionals from claims and lawsuits.  Our lawyers have appeared before boards of professional responsibility, trial courts and various appellate courts to protect the careers of professionals who have been charged with malfeasance, impropriety, moral turpitude, violations of statutes and other acts of misconduct or malpractice.  At stake in these proceedings is often the ability of our clients to continue to earn their livelihood. Kiernan Trebach's lawyers appreciate the significance of that responsibility and work tirelessly on their behalf. 
We have experience in each of our offices successfully defending professionals through Errors and Omissions, Directors and Officers, and Professional Liability insurance coverage. We are panel counsel to many of the world's largest insurance companies and many smaller and more specialized carriers. Our competitive rate structure is attractive to individuals, risk retention groups and insurance companies all of whom are seeking superior legal representation for industry professionals at reasonable rates.

Retaining Kiernan Trebach is the first step in returning a professional to the career that they have worked long and hard to achieve. 

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