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Aviation / Airline Legal Liability

The attorneys of Kiernan Trebach have experience in all aspects of aviation litigation and have appeared on behalf of airlines, charter operators of transport-category aircraft, manufacturers of general aviation aircraft and components, manufacturers of military aircraft components and pilots of general aviation aircraft.

Their cases have involved virtually every issue relating to the air transportation industry, including aviation product liability, air traffic and dispatching operations and airline commercial disputes.  The Firm’s broad experience in related areas of computer and software liability and premises liability provides additional assurance that our attorneys are prepared to address all issues relating to aviation or passenger losses.

The Firm’s attorneys are experienced in the defense of common carriers that are subject to the more burdensome standards of care applied to the industry.  In cases alleging property damage or conversion due to the misdirection of baggage or freight, our attorneys have gained for our clients the full benefit of the limitations of liability available under international treaty and federal law.

Aviation Product & Operations Defense

Several of our attorneys are pilots, with the actual aviation experience necessary for a full understanding and appreciation of human factors issues.  Our Washington, DC location provides ready access to NTSB and other governmental resources.

Our attorneys have experience and knowledge of regulatory requirements of the component manufacturer, as well as those applicable to the FBO or service facility.  The Firm currently serves as regional litigation counsel to a helicopter manufacturer, and our attorneys have extensive experience in the litigation of losses involving rotor-wing aircraft of all kinds.  Wherever the case arises, Kiernan Trebach provides a knowledgeable and cost-effective means to control exposures in the difficult and volatile area of aviation tort.  

Airport/Facility Operations

To the airport operator, the number of potential sources for claims are limited only by the kinds of equipment and facilities necessary to his or her operations, and the number of contractors, passengers, employees and others who enter the premises.  To the potential plaintiff, he or she is a shipper, transporter, caterer, general contractor, fueler, environmental engineer, meteorologist and aviation specialist.  The experience of Kiernan Trebach attorneys impact all of these areas and more, including:

  • Aircraft Services (Deicing/Fueling, Taxiing/Storage, Flight Information)
  • Security (Assault, False Consent, Discrimination, Failure to Provide)
  • Premises/Floors
  • Premises/Snow-Ice
  • Escalators & Walkways (Mechanical Failure, Personal Injury)
  • Construction
  • Environmental (Enforcement, Off Premises, Noise)
  • Toxic Tort (Fuel, Other)
  • Food-Borne Illness
  • Dram Shop
  • Employment Discrimination (Wrongful Discharge, Harassment, Americans with - Disabilities Act)
  • Motor Vehicle
  • “Special Events” (Airshows, Fly-ins, Theatrical Use)

The Firm’s direct experience in handling claims arising from passenger terminal operations provides an immediate and valuable resource to the airport operator, a quick and accurate evaluation of the potential for recovery for airlines, tenants, contractors and their insurers.

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