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Corporate Investigations / Consumer Fraud / White Collar Crime

Corporate America loses billions of dollars annually to fraud, theft of assets and corporate waste. Kiernan Trebach provides counseling, assistance and direction of efforts to detect and recover losses from fraud, commercial bribery and theft of corporate property.

The Firm’s activities have included investigation and discovery of procurement fraud, loss of inventory, theft of proprietary information and waste of corporate assets.  We Have devised and implemented a coordinated response in such cases, utilizing resources of both civil and criminal courts.  Even in sensitive cases involving the potential for criminal indictment, we provide the experience to implement the termination of offending employees and recover assets, in a manner that protects the corporation from retaliatory litigation.

Corporations are also targets for fraud by consumers.  The Firm has played a significant role in directing and conducting successful investigations in cases brought against manufacturers and marketers of consumer products, and has transformed potentially major claims into indictments, prosecutions and jail terms for would-be profiteers of fraud.  We have also represented our clients in efforts to halt litigation fraud. They have participated in activities resulting in the rare, successful criminal prosecution of a professional expert witness on a charge of perjury.  This prosecution resulted in an even rarer prison sentence, and withdrawal of the expert from a host of cases throughout the area.

Whatever the source of the criminal threat, we have the necessary expertise to provide a swift and sure response.

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