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Premises / Landlord Liability / Negligent Security

Our attorneys have extensive experience successfully defending property owners, management companies, architects and engineers, and other commercial and residential premises owners and service providers including national security companies in matters ranging from property loss/damage and minor personal injury claims to claims of catastrophic injury and death. 

In instances where our clients are faced with premises liability claims and tenant or thrird party disputes, we focus our defense on early claim evaluation and analysis and we work towards early case resolution where feasible and beneficial to our clients.  Our experience in this area of the law includes:

  • Slip/trip and fall cases – ice, snow, water, slippery substances, misplaced objects or materials, and other hazardous conditions;
  • Cases involving allegations of improper security measures – criminal acts of third parties;
  • Landlord - tenant disputes;
  • Pool or water hazard claims, including drownings;
  • Construction site injuries;
  • Playground accidents;
  • Claims for loss or damage to property;
  • Worksite injuries; and
  • Failures to warn, toxic spills and other hazards.

Kiernan Trebach’s expertise involves the duties of care owed to invitees, licensees and trespassers, as well as the critical issues of foreseeability, notice and damages in the context of premises liability claims.

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