About Us

Kiernan Trebach is a mid-sized law firm with offices throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States – from Maine to Florida.

Kiernan Trebach represents the evolution of a firm founded in 1989 that was structured to ensure its vitality and success long after the careers of its founding members. We have steadily grown our practice by demonstrating to our clients that we can achieve better results in a more cost-effective manner than many of our competitors. We pride ourselves on evaluating cases for early resolution to provide certainty and cost containment for our clients. When a case cannot be resolved, we have the skills and experience to litigate the case through trial and appeal, if necessary.

While Kiernan Trebach began with a single office in Washington, D.C. and a handful of attorneys, we have matured into a firm of more than 100 attorneys. Our growth has been achieved through a slow and sustainable process to create a diverse working environment, while remaining sensitive to the needs of our employees and their families. Kiernan Trebach is widely respected for our effective defense of clients, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to individuals and small business owners. We take pride in knowing our clients, understanding what they want, and exceeding their expectations.

We are actively engaged in advising and counseling clients on risk management, claim resolution, insurance coverage, and every aspect of defense-related litigation. Kiernan Trebach’s focus on the client has allowed us to establish lasting relationships with clients who rely on us whenever they need counsel, for matters large and small. Kiernan Trebach’s client partners include well known entities such as McDonald’s Corporation, Howard University, Amtrak, Target, UPS, and some of the most respected insurance companies in the world.

If you are a current client, we thank you for your support and loyalty throughout the years.  If you are looking for a law firm who will partner with you and work to achieve your goals, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.