In the intricate realm of insurance and subrogation, your success often hinges upon the partnership of seasoned and dedicated legal professionals. Our knowledge and experience in protecting the rights of insurance carriers and insureds serves to optimize the effective and efficient handling of your subrogation claims.

Our subrogation practice is based upon our extensive expertise in insurance-related matters and is executed by a team of attorneys proficient in first-party and third-party litigation. Our mission is to assist you in circumventing common pitfalls, formulating effective courtroom strategies, and optimizing recovery for insurance carriers. Our focus is straightforward: to deliver unwavering, inventive, and efficient representation to secure the most favorable recovery.

Why Select Kiernan Trebach?

We are a recognized authority in the field of subrogation, serving the District of Columbia and 11 states: CT, FL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, TN, VA, WV.  We manage a diverse range of cases, encompassing motor vehicle accidents, general negligence, property claims, fire and flood losses, product liability, and insurance fraud claims. Our all-encompassing subrogation representation spans issuing demand letters, conducting evaluations, litigation, and post-judgment endeavors. We maximize recovery to enhance your company's profitability while providing professional, assertive, and efficacious legal services.

Our firm takes pride in delivering counseling services, advocacy, and legal representation at competitive rates. We prioritize swift, cost-effective resolutions, with a focus on efficiently resolving your legal concerns while achieving your desired objectives. Our service portfolio encompasses arbitration, investigation, litigation, and related recovery.

We are at the forefront of subrogation and recovery law, tracing our firm roots back to 1989. We represent industry-leading Property and Casualty insurers, third-party administrators, self-insured companies, and others.  We utilize cutting-edge technology, multiple forensic consultants, and we maintain an unwavering commitment to identifying and maximizing our client’s subrogation opportunities.

Representative Subrogation Clients 

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Consumer Goods Companies
  • Government Entities

Subrogation Services and Issues

  • Arbitration and third-party claims
  • Marine or Inland Marine Subrogation
  • Recovery investigation
  • Review of first notice of loss or first report of injury
  • Insurance Company Subrogation
  • Subrogation for self-insured entities
  • Subrogation of cargo loss or damage to freight claims
  • Workers Compensation or Jones Act Subrogation Claims