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Stein and O’Connor Prevail in MD Circuit Court

By March 26, 2024March 27th, 2024No Comments

Congratulations to Carolyn (“Carrie”) Stein and Lisa O’Connor on dismissal of a lawsuit against our Maryland hospital client!

Details: Plaintiff filed suit claiming medical negligence that allegedly resulted in a hip injury and stroke. Ms. Stein and Ms. O’Connor filed a Motion to Dismiss based on (1) Plaintiff’s failure to comply with Maryland’s Health Care Malpractice Claims Statute and (2) Plaintiff’s circumvention of the Maryland Rules that required her to obtain leave of Court to obtain a new summons after expiration of her first summons.

The Court held a hearing on the motion and agreed with both of Kiernan Trebach’s arguments, dismissing the case with prejudice. Plaintiff is now precluded from bringing a second action against the hospital as the time for appeal has passed and the statute of limitations has expired.

Great work and great results, Carrie and Lisa!